This design report will focus on the design process from conception of an idea to a mid-fi prototype for an application tentatively called Get Outside! An application that encourages people to spend more time outdoors. This project was completed in 1 week as part of the UX/UI course at Ironhack, Barcelona.

The Brief


So, I tried to be very millennial in crowd sourcing my initial ideas from an Instagram Story question … but it turns out I don’t know how that works properly and I deleted all my responses accidentally… So I pursued more traditional methods — WhatsApp.

Speaking to many people…

This project was completed as part of the pre-work for the UX/UI bootcamp at Ironhack Barcelona. Some simplifications and assumptions have been made as this is a first look at the process.

The Situation

Skyscanner is a very popular application used for comparing flights, hotels and car rentals. Is became very popular for its “go anywhere” function that allowed users to put in dates and see the cheapest options to get away. It can, of course, be used for long-haul and more complex journeys as it offers users a variety of filters to refine their search. As Skyscanner is a comparison site…

The Fork is a popular app for making reservations at local restaurants and finding discounts that can be applied to them. The interface is very straightforward and guides users quickly through the steps to secure a booking.

This activity was completed as a preliminary assignment for the UX/UI programme at Ironhack, Barcelona.

Task flow

This project was completed as pre-coursework for the UX/UI program at Ironhack Barcelona. As this is a first look at the UX process, some simplifications and assumptions have been made. In this project I will use Citymapper as a case study and look how to improve the experience of purchasing tickets for public transportation.

The Company

Citymapper is a transportation app that often appears in the top-10 best transportation apps and is commended for bringing together different types of transportation such as shared city bikes to provide a solution that fits in to the lives of how people really get around their…

Brad MacDonald

A student of UX Design completing a bootcamp with Ironhack Barcelona

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